Thanks Bill, for your recommendation of Bar Harbor Smoke Wild Kippers!

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February 24, 2010

To all at Bar Harbor Foods,

I had my first can of your "All Natural Smoked Wild Kippers" today. They were terrific.

After too much of a good thing from Thanksgiving right through to the New Year, I decided I needed to get back to a healthier diet. In order to get more seafood into my diet (especially ones rich in Omega 3), I tried sardines from other producers. Although I’m sure they were rich in Omega 3, it took some time to make them palatable.

Today, when I went shopping, I thought I’d check to see if there were some more flavorful alternatives. I spotted a tin of your Smoked Wild Kippers and put it in the cart. When I got home, I began to put together some lunch. Since I’m a big fan of smoked fish, I was hoping that the Smoked Wild Kippers would make this healthier diet more appealing. I was not disappointed.

Very uncharacteristically, the fillets smelled so good when I opened the can that I picked out a small chunk and had it plain. It was great. Really great. Good enough that after I drained the liquid out of the can (there has to be some good culinary use for that), I didn’t want to do too much to the natural flavor. I squeezed in some fresh lemon juice, a few grinds of black pepper and some parsley. That was it. I toasted a piece of a local artisan bread, spread it with mashed avocado and then spread on the kipper mixture. Absolutely terrific.

These smoked kippers will work extremely well in some of my usual recipes; except now, they will be much healthier and more flavorful.

Good stuff. So good, that right after I finished my lunch, I decided that I would have to write. It’s also great to know that you are an American producer. There is a real bonus here; you’re helping me live a healthier life and I’m supporting an American company.

Keep up the good work.


Bill W., Latham, NY

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