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January 4, 2012

Bar Harbor Seafood Folks:

Your seafood, clam, and lobster stocks must be one of the fine seafood dining industry's dirty little secrets, because they are seriously terrific products that don't get anywhere near the fanfare they deserve - I smell a conspiracy here (I do live in Dallas, after all)!

In Texas my options for such quality seafood products are slim, but no matter where I may be, these would be very hard to improve on. So much so, I will focus my energies on other things - like using them well. Incorporating these into my seafood dishes or using them as poaching liquids ratchets up the favors to turn good dishes into great, even memorable, ones. 
I have not experienced any off-flavors or any other product defects - just pure seafood stock perfection. 

You really have wonderful products here, and when I read the reviews on Amazon.com (admittedly not many of them there), it really irritated me - several single-star reviews for dented cans, while the same knuckleheads give some seriously crappy seafood products high marks because they come with recipe booklets!!! I will happily send these people several good recipes in exchange for the dented cans they have containing Bar Harbor seafood goodness. I'm surprised they didn't complain that it smelled "fishy" or that they couldn't find the stock certificates anywhere!

On further reflection, I realized that these folks don't deserve such products until they can appreciate them and use them in a way that these limited resources are not wasted. Hopefully they will one day enjoy and appreciate such great stuff.

Thanks for helping make me a much better cook than I would otherwise be.

Ted F.
Dallas, Texas
(though I grew up on the east coast and have not lost my love of seafood!!!)

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