Key Retailers Leading the Sustainability of the World's Fisheries

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July 21, 2011

Giant Eagle® is committed to providing a wide variety of the freshest and highest quality seafood while being good stewards of the marine environment and fisheries around the world. We recognize that by sourcing seafood responsibly, we can help protect the environment and the food supply for future generations.

Sustainable seafood can be defined as seafood that is raised, harvested or caught in a manner that protects the population of the target species and its environment for the future.

To achieve this goal, we will favor suppliers that share the same ideals and strive to raise and harvest seafood in a sustainable manner.

The following represent some of our guiding principles in the sustainable sourcing of seafood:

  • Leverage the expertise of conservation organizations and fisheries experts such as the World Wildlife Fund and National Fisheries Institute to assist us in making buying decisions
  • Accept only seafood that is labeled with legally required information and never knowingly purchase illegal, unregulated or unreported seafood
  • Choose supply partners that:
    • Engage in and are committed to sustainable practices
    • Are transparent in their chain of custody of product
    • Are independently audited and certified by credible conservation organizations
    • Harvest wild seafood responsibly to prevent depletion of the species and protect natural ecosystems
  • Focus on labeling our seafood with credible certification logos to assist customers in making sustainable buying decisions
  • Maintain transparency and share information to support understanding and trust in our sustainable seafood sourcing practices

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