January is National Soup Month!

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January 10, 2012

Did you know that soup has been so popular throughout time that it’s actually considered one of the first fast foods. There is documentation showing as early as 600 B.C., the Greeks sold soup as a fast food on the street, using peas, beans and lentils as main ingredients.

Before there was soup, there was broth, which people used to pour over a piece of bread in a bowl. That bread was known as sop, and from sop came the word soup. Tuck that away for your next trivia game!

No matter what you call it, there are lots of variations on the basic theme of soup, each offering a wide range of nutritional benefits. Cream soups such as chowders and bisques are the cofort food of cold winters, but can often be higher in calories and fat due to the cream or milk content. Broth-based soups such as consommés will typically be lower in calories because of the high water content. Soups loaded with beans and vegetables, such as chili and gazpacho are great sources of fiber and phytochemicals (like lycopene). Most canned and condensed soups typically contain large amounts of sodium to enhance the flavor. And many soups contain preservatives to maintain color, flavor, and shelf-life.

At Bar Harbor Foods, we believe the can should do the job of preserving the great taste of our all-natural seafood soups. We don't see any reason to add artificial flavor and color enhancers. Instead we use the highest quality seafood and ingredients.  Our Chowders are condensed so you can choose what milk product you use and how much you decide to add to make it as thick or brothy as you like. Our Bisques are loaded with delicious pureed seafood meats for a smooth, creamy finish. We've even lowered the sodium through the use of sea salt in many of our soups.

Check out our portfolio of delicious Chowders and Bisques for that perfect meal on a cold winter evening. !f you'd rather make your favorite soup recipes from scratch, our tasty, all-natural Fish and Seafood Stocks and premium Bar Harbor Clam Juice are the perfect starters to great tasty soups!

And if you love pizza, you have to try our Clam Chowda Pizza. Made from our New England Condensed Clam Chowder, pizza crust, cheese and pre-cooked bacon, it's quick and easy and so delicious! And just one more great reason to stock up for winter with Bar Harbor soups!



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