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August 10, 2010

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Several Customer Reviews:

"This is the best clam chowder ever. Come originally where this is produced and was so happy when I found it on line. Keep this in my cupboard at all time. Being an old Maine girl this is my favorite chowder of all times."

"I've definitely had a stigma against canned anything (and still do). Picked this up at the supermarket, drawn by the all natural ingredients (for once no MSG or really anything else I didn't recognize). It's really quite good, and especially so for coming out of a can. I can have excellent clam chowder --and with a little milk and butter, exactly to my liking-- warm within minutes. One of the few canned goods I keep in my cabinet, and one of the most convenient and surprisingly satisfying meals always 5 minutes away. 
Highly recommended."

"Bar Harbor clam chowder is absolutely fantastic! 
1. I am not usually a fan of soup out of the can. 
2. I am really picky about my clam chowder. 
That said, I get this stuff in bulk. There are several reasons for this, the first of which is the great flavor of clams and potatoes. Second, I like the fact that the ingredients are all natural and, third, that one can adjust the level of creaminess and viscosity with what one adds to the soup (I like to use a mixture of milk and cream). The fourth plus is that this soup contains neither bacon nor excessive amounts of spice or pepper - two things that ruin clam chowder for me. I know bacon is popular with a lot of folks but I really just want to taste the clams when I have a bowl of New England clam chowder. If you're like me in that respect, then I think you will like this soup too! 
p.s. As a child, I was a fan of Friendly's clam chowder (before they changed their recipe). Bar Harbor is even better!"

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